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Sunflower – Wide Cut

H.M. Fraser Co. design (16″)

This primitive design was hooked in 6 cut.
The petals were outlined in a dark brown plaid. They were hooked with W. Cushing and Co. Studio Swatch M, 22” long going from brown to yellow.
For the center I used three different values of brown plaids placing the light values around the border with the medium and darker values toward the center. It gave it a good textural interest.
The big leaves were done in a deep green with veins in a pink spot dye. The bell flowers were hooked in a dip dye going from pink to purple. The small leaves in turquoise added a nice contrast to the large green ones.
The background was as is Dorr Celery. The border frames it in a brown spot dye. The tendrils next to the border are done in the same dip dye used for the bells flowers.
The pillow was handmade by me. A gold and light green braid was added to the edges of the pillow and then, in similar colors, tassels giving a festive look to the piece.

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