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Pattern: Rhino
Size 30” x 22”
Design from Tomorrow’s Heirlooms
Wide Cut, Primitive
Wool on burlap

I first saw this pattern Atha Newsletter Issue N° 180 (December 2009/January 2010). The color scheme really caught my eye. It gave me the desire to develop the project myself keeping the same line of colors.
On January 2012 at one of the Atha Gator Group meetings in Sebastian Florida, I saw my friend Alaina Trout hooking the same pattern. Once again I had a strong urge to hook the Rhino pattern. I immediately searched for the designer’s contact information and ordered the pattern in burlap.
Keeping the same color scheme, I worked some of the small details in five cut and the rest in six cut. This is the kind of project that allows you to use leftover wool from previous projects but also gives you the opportunity to improve your dying skills, trying to find formulas for more dramatic colors.
The background color is always one of the most important and personal decisions. People sometimes look for a medium to light color value which makes the central motive blend smoothly with the rest of the project. In this case I wanted to give very sharp definition to the central motive rhino. The deep dark violet background I chose stood up well to the silhouette of the rhino.
The border is a combination of a couple of rows in a medium lilac followed by some gold rows.
The edge is finished with a herringbone stitch using yarn that matches the same gold of the very last few rows.
I wanted to present it as a hanging piece so I added a piece of gold tapestry cord on top to hang from. To make it lay flat on the wall I hand sewed on the back, top and bottom section, a cotton tape 2 ½” wide and then inserted flat wood trim 1½” wide.


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