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Pineapple Purse, Fine Cut

The pattern belongs to H.M. Fraser Co.,  hooked with cut # 3 and #4,  applying the fine shading technique.

The materials are:
1)     Swatch in color brown
2)     Swatch in color green
3)     Swatch in color pink
4)     Background, spot dye wool in khaki color.

Each square of the pineapple was hooked with the brown swatch, adding in the center a loop of dark brown wool.
The leafs of the pineapple and the steam of the flowers were hooked with the green swatch.
The petals of the flowers located at each side of the pineapple were hooked with the pink swatch.
The whole background was hooked with the spot dye wool in khaki color.
To give the shape to the purse, some materials like backing and lining were used to create the final product. The back and the base of the bag are made with upholstery fabric. The handles were made with an upholstery or decorative cord.

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