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Winken, Blinken & Nod, Fine Shading

Winken, Blinken & Nod, MP225 (14×24), Joan Moshimer pattern

I  hooked this pattern with cut #3 for the owls, branch and leaves, and cut #4 for the background.
I applied fine shading and sculpture and fingering techniques.

Materials and wool:

1) Body: I picked a mix of different plaids and tweeds in black and white with very small designs and white wool for some accents.

2) Wings: The owls located on each side of the design shown wings, to define each one I outlined them with a combination of white and grey wool.

3) Faces: The eyebrows and mustache are hooked with the sculpture technique with natural wool.

4) Eyes: are in black with a row of yellow around the eyes for the owl in the center, and half row of yellow only (bottom section of the eye) for the other two owls.

5) Beak: hooked with the sculpture technique in 3 values of grey.

6) The rest of the face I hooked with a swatch of 5 values which goes from white to medium grey using the fingering technique.

7) Head: is hooked with plaids or tweeds  in a medium to light grey colors.

8) Ears: are hooked with the same material I used for the body

9) Paws and claws: The paws were hooked with the sculpture technique with a Dorr Swatch in taupe color and the claws in black.

10) Branch and leaves: the branch is hooked with different values of brown and the leaves with a green swatch using the fingering technique.

To emphasis the owls and the branch, I hooked a row of white in cut 3 around it.
The material for the background is from Gail Dufresne, who specializes in skies.
This wool goes from light red, to medium red ending in blue and to get a sunset effect, should be used in a horizontal way, but I decided to use it vertically, leaving the light red in the center, consequently from bottom to top, with the first strip I began with the blue section of the wool reaching the center with the light red, continuing with the light red of the next strip reaching the top with the blue section of the wool.

For anyone who wants to try to dye skies, go to (Gail Dufresne website) for more information.

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