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MIKADO (Chrysanthemums) – Floral Monochromatic


MIKADO # 648 (Chrysanthemums)
From Heirloom Rugs
Size 25”x30”
Teacher: Margaret Howell

This is a fine shading pattern from Heirloom Rugs called, “Mikado”, model #648, and size 25”x30”, designed by Louise Hunter Zeiser.  The flowers, leafs and scrolls were hooked with cut #3 and the background with cut #4.
The chrysanthemums flowers were hooked with eight to twelve value swatches in peach to brown colors.  The darkest brown values were used to divide the petals. The leaves were hooked in green color swatches, using three different sets of swatches, some with grey tones and some others with gold tones, to get a different accent on the final result. The pattern has a border of scrolls, hooked with a dip dye Studio Swatch letter “J”.

For the background I chose a very dark burgundy color, the wool was spot dyed first very dramatically, and re-dyed once more with burgundy dye. At the very end I got a very dramatic spot dye in burgundy that looks like marble when being hooked.
I presented the pattern as a holding tapestry, and framed it with hand sewn upholstery binding with matching colors as used on the project.

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