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The enchanted – Wide Cut – Primitive

The enchanted, P777 (16×30), Jane Mc Gown Flynn design.

This was adapted from a pattern by Jane Mc Gown Flynn. Originally the cat was sitting at the sill of a window watching a bird on a branch, but I changed it to use the “proddy” and “sculpture” techniques. The cat is now sitting in a “proddy” garden.
I removed the window and the branches are now attached to the trunk of a tree.
The leaves and bird are made with the “sculpture” technique in 3 cut.
I had to incorporate a lake and small mountains since the horizon space was so large. The rest was done in primitive 6 cut. It is finished as a hanging piece

Materials and wool:
The prodded garden is hooked with three different green colors. The strips are ½ inch wide, and they were cut in pieces of 2 inches long. The ends of the 2 inches pieces where shaped in three different ways, some of them with a round shape, others in diagonal, and some others with a diamond shape.
Two of the greens are spot dyed wool, one in light and the other in medium values, the third one is from Dorr Mill Store, a Tweed 8706 (in green) as is but pre washed. In the garden I incorporated three flowers (one in hot pink, the other in blue and the third one in yellow) using the prodded technique.
I used the same green wools for the tree leaves but I sculptured them in 3 cut.
The tree is hooked with a plaid in brown/yellow-beige/white colors; the trunk has accents (or veins) in solid beige.
The bird is also sculptured with Studio Swatch “Q” in the body and dip dyed wool violet to light blue in the wind.
In one of the branches there are two flowers hooked with Canadian stitches.
The lake is hooked horizontally way with Studio Swatch “R”.
The mountains are outlined and hooked with wool dyed with the Streaking Technique from BJ Andreas; all those pieces were dyed at the BJ’s Dye Lessons in Miami, Florida.
The sky is in a peach color and represents the sunset.

The central motive of the pattern is the cat, and the cat is outlined with caramel solid color wool and hooked with beige/grey dyed wool. The inside of the ear is sculptured with a synthetic fiber and the tail is hooked with the same synthetic fiber but combined with a solid medium brown mohair yarn. In the back of the pattern I added a couple of drops of “Fray Check” to avoid loose synthetic fiber from the ear and the tail.
The eye has one loop in yellow green and the nose has two loops in hot pink.

Around the edge I applied the herringbone stitch, with different colors of yarn which match the color of the wool hooked in the different sections of the pattern.
The yarn is a natural hand dyed fiber. The yarn is a product of Chile (South America). The name of the product is “Araucania Nature Wool”, and it comes in a large variety of colors. This product can be purchased on line or in specialty yarn stores in town. (In Miami the “Elegant Stitches” store located in the warehouse section at The Falls carries the product).
To give some kind of body to the project finished as a wall hanging piece, I sewed around the back edge a medium weight cotton tape, and covered the whole back with a quilt fabric.
On the top and bottom, I added a piece of cane 15” long. The cane is a handbag accessory (Straight Bamboo Handles 15”). The pair of bamboo handles are attached with pieces of silk ribbon. The ribbon itself has a very small design in green and red.

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