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Caucasian – Oriental

29” x 40”, New Earth design
The oriental design was hooked on linen burlap cut #4. The lines, corner and angles in the pattern were respected as much as possible. I dyed some formulas and got some others from my friends. This is the list:

1) Night blue, over ½ yard of natural, using WF Acid Dyes,
Mix in 1CBW:  2 times ¼ of Navy blue #413, ¼ blue #440, 1/8 green #725 with a little bit of citric acid.

(*) Soak the wool in a pot with warm water and few drops of Synthrapol for 10 minutes, then take out the wool, pour the formula in the pot, submerge the wool once more in the pot, let it cook until the wool grab most of the formula, add a little bit of salt, let it stay for a couple of minutes more and finally add a tea spoon of citric acid crystals. Let it cool, rinse and dry.

This formula varies, be aware that is possible to adjust the formula adding more of the Navy Blue #413 to get a more dramatic blue.

2) Rust, over ½ yard of natural wool, using Cushing dyes.
Mix in 1cbw ¼ plus 1/8 of Egyptian Red, with 3 times ¼ of Rust.
Proceed to dye the wool as (*)

3) Goldenrod WFS43.
Formula from “Prisms” “64 spots, 35 oriental backgrounds” by Claire de Roos and Nancy Mac Lennan.

4) Green: “Pettingil Sage” formula by Sharon Townsend from her “Spnea’s Histproic Colors of America”.

5) Turquoise:
This is an original formula and tecnique from my friend  Alaina Trout (*) from Michigan.
Over ¼ grey wool using WF acid dyes, using a crock pot  4-Quart slow cooker.
First combine in 1 CBW, ¼ Blue #490, 1/16 yellow #119 and 1/16 black #672.
For the base use ¼ of the formula with citric acid, pour the ¼ of the formula in the electric pot and submerge the wool until the wool absorbed the formula and in the meantime stir occasionally.
Then prepare one jar with 1CBW and 1/36 of Magenta #338 with a little bit of citric acid crystals, and another jar with 1CBW and 1/36 of Orange #233 and a little bit of citric acid crystals. With the wool in the pot, pour the magenta formula making pouring the formula with a circular movement but don’t stir the wool, wait 15’ and the pour the orange formula again in circles, and also, do not stir. Let the wool in the pot until the water is clear. Rinse and dry.
The final result will show turquoise wool with a lot of accents.

6) Gold Nugget PR9:
Formula from “Prisms #2” “57 straight gradations, 102 transitional” by Nancy Mac Lennan and Claire de Roos.

The yarn for the herring bone stitch on the edge of the rug was dyed with the same formula for the Night Blue, explained in 1)

The wool was used in the following order: the red and blue for the large spaces, including the border. The rest of the colors were used for small details and thin lines, trying to separate or define all the details.
To balance these colors, I applied the green in the center and brought the same color in the border for the small diagonal lines.
I applied the Goldenrod to separate the blue and the red and also next to the green in the border.
The stars and the small designs in the center were hooked with the Gold Nugget.
The turquoise brings up some of the blue sections.

(*) Alaina’s website:

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