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Caucasian – Oriental

29” x 40”, New Earth design
The oriental design was hooked on linen burlap cut #4. The lines, corner and angles in the pattern were respected as much as possible. I dyed some formulas and got some others from my friends. This is the list:


Dynasty – Fine Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design, 14″

Dynasty – Fine Cut

Dynasty, Jane McGown Flynn design (36″x 56″)

Qashqai – Fine Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design, P613 “D” (20×20),

The project was developed in cut 4.  The most important issue in the oriental patterns is to define the angles very well. It is necessary to cut the strips when they reach the end of the motive to get sharp corners and lines, and the loops located in the corners, as well.

Love – Fine Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design