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Pineapple Purse, Fine Cut

The pattern belongs to H.M. Fraser Co.,  hooked with cut # 3 and #4,  applying the fine shading technique.

The materials are:
1)     Swatch in color brown
2)     Swatch in color green
3)     Swatch in color pink
4)     Background, spot dye wool in khaki color.


Cat who ate the canary, Wide Cut, Primitive

“Cat who ate the canary”, Designed by Pris Buttler, (33” x 14”)

Primitive pattern, hooked with cut #6, with Studio Swatch “N” for the cat and other transitional swatches for the three birds and their feathers.  Plain natural color wool was used for the background as well as gold and blue wool for the border.
The edge was finished with a blue commercial yarn applying the herringbone stitch.  The color of the edge matches the blue in the border.


Winken, Blinken & Nod, Fine Shading

Winken, Blinken & Nod, MP225 (14×24), Joan Moshimer pattern

I  hooked this pattern with cut #3 for the owls, branch and leaves, and cut #4 for the background.
I applied fine shading and sculpture and fingering techniques.


Pineapple Tote, Fine Cut with embellishments

Iris O’Keefe – Fine Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design (13″)

Stain Glass Fish – Wide Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design,  P836 (16″x 16″)

Primitive pattern hooked in 6 cut. The full design is outlined.
The central motive, the fish, is hooked with different colors of dip dye for the tail and fins.
The face is hooked with a solid yellow and the head with a dip dye wool brown to gold.
The water in the circle is hooked, with two different colors of turquoise.
The motive behind the circle represents the sea water with the sea weeds. The sea weeds are hooked with a dip dye wool which goes yellow-green to beige and the water in a solid silver green wool.

Sunbonnet Girl and Boy – Primitive

Joan Moshimer design (13″ x 17″)

Dynasty – Fine Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design, 14″

Dynasty – Fine Cut

Dynasty, Jane McGown Flynn design (36″x 56″)

Father Santas – Fine Cut

Carol Kassera Father Santa’s designs

K2047 Santa of the Far East 11” x 19” (Cape hooked with violet color swatch).
K2038 Belsnickel Santa 14” x 20” (Cape hooked with dark green color swatch).
K2037 Medieval Santa 13” x 20”(Cape hooked with rusty color swatch).

I decided to hook these patterns in blade 3 to develop small detail.  The colors I used are different from traditional ones.  In both the Medieval and Belsnickel pieces Dorr Wool swatches were used for fur which gave very impressive results.  Taupe and Spicy Brown are great examples of swatches used to complete the fur pattern.  I decided to implement further techniques in addition to Rug Hooking.  Materials like artificial fur and natural wool were mounted to create beards, mustaches and hair.  On the Belsnickel Santa I added a small trumpet ornament as well.  The half inch backgrounds merely define the shape of each pattern.  To better display these three projects I decided to attach them individually to a cardboard and completed the borders by adding decorative upholstery trim.  The back was then covered with matching velvet.  Finally, the pieces were either mounted on a holder plate or an easel.

Bountiful Bowl – Fine Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design

Rose -Fine Cut

Connie Charleson design (12″ x 15″)


Sunflower – Wide Cut

H.M. Fraser Co. design (16″)

This primitive design was hooked in 6 cut.
The petals were outlined in a dark brown plaid. They were hooked with W. Cushing and Co. Studio Swatch M, 22” long going from brown to yellow.
For the center I used three different values of brown plaids placing the light values around the border with the medium and darker values toward the center. It gave it a good textural interest.
The big leaves were done in a deep green with veins in a pink spot dye. The bell flowers were hooked in a dip dye going from pink to purple. The small leaves in turquoise added a nice contrast to the large green ones.
The background was as is Dorr Celery. The border frames it in a brown spot dye. The tendrils next to the border are done in the same dip dye used for the bells flowers.
The pillow was handmade by me. A gold and light green braid was added to the edges of the pillow and then, in similar colors, tassels giving a festive look to the piece.

Reunion Rose – Wide Cut

Adaptation of Jane McGown Flynn design (15″ x 13″)

Crewel Allure – Fine Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design

Qashqai – Fine Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design, P613 “D” (20×20),

The project was developed in cut 4.  The most important issue in the oriental patterns is to define the angles very well. It is necessary to cut the strips when they reach the end of the motive to get sharp corners and lines, and the loops located in the corners, as well.

Love – Fine Cut

Jane McGown Flynn design

Sunbonnet Girls – Wide Cut

Free design (34″  x 45″)