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Aunt Mary’s Quilt


Pattern: Aunt Mary’s Quilt #307
From Harry M. Fraser Co.
Original size pattern 24”x36” with 3 pairs of geometric flower design.
Actual size of the rug 26”x60” with 5 pairs of geometric design and border included.

The original size of this pattern is 24” x 36” which includes three pairs of the geometric flowers. I was looking for something a little wider to fit the width of my main entrance door, so I ordered the pattern with five pairs of the geometric flowers, in linen, to be hooked in wide cut, #6. The selected colors were primarily gold, orange and brown. I also incorporated some lemon green.  To balance colors, I kept the same color scheme on diagonal pairs of flowers. Having five pairs I repeated the same color for the center flowers.

All the geometric flowers were outlined and most of the petals were hooked with dip dye wools. The diamonds, border and background were hooked with hand dye wool in solid colors. Edging was applied as the finishing technique in a herring bone stitch using roving material. This roving material is the kind of yarn that can be used to knit with two needles. It is a more elaborated product and is not even or straight all the way. The kind of roving that I used was hand dyed with three different pastel shades (gold, peach and pale green). The roving was too thick for a regular chenille needle so I used a rug hooking hook instead.  The difference the hook versus the needle is the time required to pass through the full length of the roving to follow the steps of the herring bone stitch. This consumes a little more time but the final product is really pleasing.

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