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Ante Bellum – Wide Cut – Primitive

Pattern: Ante Bellum, # M274, size 17” x 36”, from Prairie Craft House. Designer: Carol Kassera

This is a primitive rug with three big magnolias, hooked with cut #6. The center magnolia is hooked with two swatches from Constance Charleson “Connies Cauldron” # 114. These swatches go from a very light green to a soft peach. The other two magnolias are hooked with two swatches of a similar color at the center magnolia, but these I dyed myself some time ago.

Some of the leaves are hooked in grey green with peach vanes and some others in lemon green. The background is a dark burgundy with some accents in a lighter version of the same formula. The edge is hooked with three different shades of green. The edge is finished with the herring bone stitch using a commercial yarn matching the lemon green color of the medium size magnolias.

Background formula:

The formula belongs to Alaina Trout and she calls it “Marta’s Lipstick”.

The formula is as follows:
-Using PRO WashedFast Acid Dyes:
-In 1 cup of boiling water mix: 1/2 Fuchsia # 349, 1/8 Sun Yellow #119, 1/8 Black # 672.
-To get the effect of different accent colors, two different colors of wool need to be used. They are: Pendleton “sea foam green” wool and Pendleton “medium blue” wool.
-For 1/4 yard of wool of each color, the amount of 2 oz. of the formula needs to be used.  As soon as this color is set, spot dye on each 1/4 yard: 1/32 of -Cantaloupe #234 in 1 cup of boiling water. Cantaloupe can be substituted by Spiced Pumpkin #230.
-For a darker value more than 2 oz of the formula can be used.

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