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About the artist

Since I was a child I liked all kinds of crafts. Sewing, knitting and needle point were some of them. But in my thirties a different craft really caught my eye because it embraced big doses of personal creation. That craft was “Rug Hooking”.

It was in 1984, when working for a local company in Miami during lunch hour, I saw one of my companions working on a reasonable size rug with a different technique from all the ones that I had seen before. Her name was Nancy Reynolds and she began to explain about the craft, the materials, the dyeing techniques and finally the source where I could get the skills to develop a “Rug Hooking” project. She brought me as a guest to one of her classes and it was then when I met my mentor: BJ Andreas.

From the very first moment I felt pretty much attached to the craft. My first project was a primitive flower, a Jane McGown Flynn design, “Heritage tulips”, and immediately I picked a fine shading project from Joan Moshimer, “Fruit bell pull”. After that, I made different kinds of projects, patterns which belong to the most known designers in the rug hooking business, including some free designs as well, which you can see in my collection.

I wanted to learn all the techniques, wide cut, fine cut, shading, orientals, geometrics, monochromatics, dyeing, etc., and tried to register to some of the rug camps to meet the most qualified rug hooking teachers. I had the opportunity to be a student of Betty Morning, Margaret Howell, Jane King, Pat Chancey, Connie Charlson, Bety Maley, Edith Gerver, Ann Eastwood and many more.

I really liked to work with primitives, wide cut, but the fine shading also began to be as important as the primitives. At the same time, something else also became as attractive as the techniques. That was the combination of the colors. The color planning of my projects and those of my pals began to take a very important place as well.

By 1992 two of my class companions encouraged me to become a teacher. At the beginning I had my doubts, but finally I decided to do it. BJ Andreas and Pam Smith sponsored me at the Southeastern McGown Teacher’s Workshop and in a couple of years I became a Certified McGown teacher.

27 years have passed since I saw Nancy hooking her own design, and I still feel attached to the craft as the very first moment. Rug Hooking is for me a time of relaxation and allows me to develop my creative spirit; it makes me feel good.

I created this site to share my latest projects with you. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions regarding any of these projects.